Upgrade OpsCenter to version 5.2.2


Today I decided how I upgraded OpsCenter on one of us cluster. One of reasons was that box "Cluster Health" still loading only and I want try the newest version.

This bring me some throuble (like every upgrade :-)). First I had to upgrade all datastax-agents on each node. After that on WebUI OpsCenter I saw "No Data" in some boxes (specifically a "write requests", "disk utilization", "write request latency" and "load").

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Welcome to my new page


Hi, welcome on my new page, which is running on my Raspberry Pi under my TV :-)

I am system administrator from Czech Republic and I would like to write about my job. I am team leader BigData admins in Seznam.cz . Seznam.cz is the most visited web portal in Czech Republic. Homepage has more than 2 million visits per day.

Our team administers more than 900 physical servers with more than 10PB data. We administer services like Hadoop, Hbase, MapReduce, Yarn, Kafka, Cassandra etc. We use SaltStack, cssh and internal software for installation servers called Puzzle, which makes out job easier.

So I will write mostly about that and I hope I will write periodically.

Enjoy your visit.